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Leaving a Legacy

January 03, 2018

Learn how you can become your own boss and make residual income that will continue to flow even after you retire. Dan and Brian share how they are leaving a legacy for their kids and gaining peace of mind with residual income all while helping others find a solution to a basic need.

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The Importance of Having a Plan in Place

January 03, 2018

In this Heart of Virginia segment Jeremy explains how as an agent he is able to come alongside people during their darkest hour and help take the financial stress away of planning a funeral. Brian discusses how all it takes to succeed as an AMPM agent is having a positive mindset and a heart that is set on helping others. Both men prove that having a rewarding career helping others and making good money IS possible.

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Make Sure You Are Covered for Life’s Unexpected Moments

December 06, 2017


Being prepared for the unexpected is invaluable. In our latest Heart of Virginia Segment, listen to Dan and Clementine explain the importance of getting a final expense insurance policy through AMPM 24/7-365 Insurance. Also find out the benefits of having a career you love. We are making sure individuals and families are getting the coverage they need for final expenses, and at a price they can afford.

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Learn How This Single Mom Became a Rock Star in Her Career

November 21, 2017

Our latest TV segment with The Heart of Virginia is now available to watch! Tamra Bloom did a fantastic job talking about the opportunity that a career with AMPM 24/7-365 Insurance can provide, even as a single mom with a three-year-old!

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Join Jeremy and Paulette in a Career Opportunity of a Lifetime

September 22, 2017

Listen to Jeremy Boone’s story about what it takes to work for AMPM 24/7-365 Insurance and the “rich” benefits that come from working for this fast-growing organization.

Paulette Davis also shares how she got into the business and is able to work, make lots of money, and still have time for her family.
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Find Out How to Be the Next Success Story at AMPM 24/7-365 Insurance

September 06, 2017

Watch this Heart of Virginia video to learn how you can join Dan and Brian in a fast-growing industry and make lots of money helping people! We aren’t joking – this is the real deal! Make $$$ and apply now – no degree or experience necessary! Do you have what it takes?!

Husband & Wife Team Talk About Their Growing Business

August 10, 2017

Brian & Toni-Ann Obey go live on The Heart of Virginia TV segment to talk about what led them to get into the insurance business and how they’ve grown into a successful and profitable organization.  Check out this video to learn how this business dramatically changed their lives for the better.

Annual Company Celebration

July 31, 2017

Check out this YouTube Video Highlighting our annual company celebration, where we recognize our sales agents, give out awards, and have a great time.  At, we are family! Watch the highlights, and then contact us for more information.  We would love to show you how to build the career of your dreams and make lots of money doing it!

Financial Providence Group | Become a Part of the Family

July 31, 2017

Check out this YouTube video to learn about what we do at Financial Providence Group and learn how you can join the family to build your own successful business and begin the journey towards wealth. Check out for more information or to submit an application.

Interview with a Millionaire | Troy Miles

July 31, 2017

In this recent podcast segment with Hustle & Heart TV, millionaire Troy Miles tells Darieth Chisolm about his journey with Lincoln Heritage and the career he has built as head of The Miles Group.  Take a look at this incredible video to see how you, too, can become a millionaire under the Lincoln Heritage family.  Contact for more information on beginning your journey now.

Want to Make More Money? Apply Now!

July 27, 2017

In this recent tv segment on The Heart of Virginia, hear Dan, Liz, and Jeremy describe what we do at AMPM 24/7-365 and learn how you can get paid quick, set your own schedule, and even work from home!  Liz loves her job so much that even her husband decided to join the team.  Dan explains what we do and the types of people we are looking for.  And Jeremy talks about how he made the right move to support his family.  We are always looking for coachable individuals who like to travel and have a strong work ethic.  Contact one of our recruiting managers today to learn how you can join the team!

Want to Become Your Own Boss?

July 21, 2017

Shawna, a 24-year-old former shampoo assistant, explains how she went from making a small income working for someone else to being her own #Girlboss and making over 40K a year. Now, she sets her own schedule and no longer has to answer to a “supervisor”. Learn how to be your own boss and live off of a passive income!

Need a New Start?

June 14, 2017

Kristen has been with us for five years. In the beginning, she came to AMPM 365 Insurance after going through a divorce. She was a stay-at-home mom and needed a way to maintain her lifestyle along with her four small children. After she pushed through the doubts that this opportunity might be too good to be true, her answer was AMPM 365 Insurance.
Now? She’s been making six-figures since her second year here, she attends all 70+ baseball games of her children, sets her own schedule, and helps people. When asked what it takes to be successful, Kristen answered that it takes hard work, becoming organized, and staying coachable. Her only regret is not joining sooner!

Why Join AMPM 365 Insurance?

May 25, 2017

AMPM 24/7 365 Insurance has agents from various backgrounds. We are attracting new agents for many reasons. Our team can create their flexible schedule, go one paid incentive trips for qualifiers, and have the ability to earn six-figures.
So, what are you waiting for? Talk to an agent today!

Our Passion is Helping People

May 11, 2017

Our agents come from many different career paths. However, one thing remains the same—their passion for helping people. A huge aspect of helping others is educating clients. And, the more people we educate, the more money our agents make. We have agents that came from the medical field that make triple what they made previously in under three years.

Discover the AMPM Difference

April 27, 2017

Our agency has some key differences that set us apart and above the rest. We offer a simple product that covers nearly everyone. Our agents enjoy next day advances, a proven selling system, and being part of an agency that feels more like a family. A supportive family that likes to build relationships, recognize achievement, and above all else—help people.

There is More to Life Than Working in an Office.

April 12, 2017

Husband and wife team, Liz and Huett Johnson, share their story about coming to AMPM 24/7 365 insurance. Both were in companies that didn’t make them happy and knew that there had to be more to life. They were tired of “living in a box,” working shifts that kept them apart, and not doing a job that was meaningful. Now, they enjoy working together, a company that delivers on its promises, helping people, and company sponsored trips.

How working with final expense has changed my life!

March 30, 2017

Listen to Tamra and Erik tell their stories about how working with AMPM Insurance has not only doubled their income but has truly changed their lives and allowed them to help others change theirs as well.

Earn What You’re Worth!

March 15, 2017

Join a company that allows you to be financially free with a bit of hard work. Our agents can earn $500+ a day while enjoying next day advances and residual income. Maybe it’s time you make more money in less time with a job that offers endless opportunity.

What it’s Really Like to Sell Final Expense Insurance

February 23, 2017

Selling final expense insurance with AMPM 24/7 365 Insurance taps into the American Dream. Agents are able to make six figures, set their own hours, and rely on a supportive team. We offer training to get you started, brush up on skills and keep you motivated.

Our Final Expense Company

February 07, 2017

AMPM 24/7 365 Insurance works with the largest final expense provider, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company (LHLIC) est. 1963. Our product prepares, plans, and pays for the funeral and burial plan. This takes the emotional guesswork and financial burden off your family. Our agents enjoy many rewards and benefits for their hard work.

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