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From the outside looking in, our business is selling final expense insurance. However, that’s only a small portion of our story. To really know who we are as a team, you’d have to understand our passion, commitment, and culture.

Our passion is helping those in their greatest time of need. We take the time and care to accurately form a plan for each of our clients, proving in the day-to-day that what we do isn’t simply a job…it’s a lifestyle.

Our commitment is towards helping our agents build their own legacies.  We believe you are limited to only two things: your imagination and how hard you are willing to work.  We believe you can live meaningful, extraordinary lives dedicated to helping others, and still be rewarded accordingly.

Our culture is less corporate and more family. Simply put, we care for and encourage one another to achieve real success.   We’ll show you how to never miss that baseball game, work for the income you actually deserve, and still be able to travel to that bucket list of destinations.

If we haven’t convinced you that this is a chance to realize unlimited income potential, have a job that matters, and belong to something bigger — move along. On the other hand, if you find your heart beating just a little bit faster, let us show you an alternative way of living.

It’s as simple as that!

Committed to Veterans

Having served our country for 10 years, Brian has an appreciation for the military work ethic and a vested interest in helping veterans acclimate to a new lifestyle.

Meet the Founder

Interested in hearing more? Feel free to reach out and meet the founder, Brian Obey.

Every month, there is a fun open house at Dave and Busters. Stop by, grab a bite to eat, have a bit of fun and see for yourself the team we have built.

We Succeed as a Team

Sometimes life feels like a mountain. We, at Team AM/PM are like an extended family. We are here for you.

You can thank Brian’s military background, as he has the mindset that no one gets left behind.


The secret to amassing unlimited wealth.

The secret to our success has been to create a proven system based on amassing personal wealth. Not only do you get paid on new accounts within 24 hours, you get paid on that client as long as the account is active.

Unlike so many other sales jobs, residual income means that you will never have to start your month from zero - each month, you get a check for the work you’ve done in the past.

Residual income is a powerful concept that can change the rest of your life. Last year, I bought the car of my dreams, an Aston Martin. Sure, our job demands that we work hard, but the reward makes it all worth while. In fact, once you fully understand the potential of earning residual income, your entire life will change.

My life, now, is dedicated to helping others achieve their wildest dreams. In fact, much of my efforts are spent in getting the new agents to believe that this is possible and if they follow our proven system and work hard, their lives (and the lives of the ones they love) will change.

Like mine.



Our agents enjoy exponential growth with residual income.




Reasonable Earning
Potential for First Year




Reasonable Earning
Potential for Third Year




Reasonable Earning
Potential For Fifth Year

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Check out the top 5 reasons people join our team. And stay.

It’s natural to be anxious about taking the plunge. However, the question is not can you risk a career change. Instead, it is how can you afford to not make the switch? Here are a few reasons our team members joined AMPM and never looked back.


Not only are you paid when clients sign up, but you’ll also make residual income. This is passive income paid on every active account you’ve signed. Join us and watch your income grow each month.


We have wildly successful agents. Lucky for you, their achievements are formed on a repeatable system. The foundation of that system is hard work and resilience.

Come with that mindset and we’ll teach you the rest.


This job comes with slumps and challenges. However, you’ll also have the unrivaled support of your team members. We regularly have fun get-togethers, share advice, and encourage one another.

You’d be hard pressed to find a closer-knit work family.


People can go their entire lives without doing something that makes their heart race. Our agents on the other hand, do work that matters.

As we help clients through their hardest days and they express their gratitude, your heart might just skip a beat.


With the freedom of being your own boss, the world becomes yours for the taking. You’ll become the keeper of time as you set your schedule.

As a bonus, the time you put in will be used to build your empire rather than line a CEO’s pockets.

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