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Meet The Founder, Brian Obey

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November 03, 2016


For most people, the morning has just begun, but Brian has already been hard at work.  From kick-starting the day at the gym to driving his Austin Martin home at night, Brian is living the American Dream.

For Brian Obey, the American Dream starts with being a devoted family man.  He and his wife, Toni-Ann, have been together for 8 years and have 3 amazing children; providing a better life for his family has been the most important driving force in Brian’s life.

“I am perfectly clear on why I’m doing this,” explains Brian, “I’m doing this to build a better life for my wife and children.”

The insatiable desire to realize a better life has been sustained by a ten-year military career in the United States Air Force Reserves; providing a foundation of experiences, skills, and life-long commitment required as the founder of one of the nation’s fastest growing insurance agencies.


Brian’s agency, AMPM 24/7 365 is the namesake of the spirit which drives him; Always Making Positive Moves, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is a spirit that he works to instill in each member of his team.

AMPM 24/7 365 specializes in providing Final Expense Insurance through Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company®.  Not only do the agents find meaning providing financial assistance to families in their greatest time of need, they also have an opportunity to realize unlimited earning potential.  The agents get paid for new accounts and they have the opportunity to get paid residual income on accounts that stay active – a two-part cocktail for unlimited earning potential.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Here are some traits that Brian looks for:

  • A Strong Worth Ethic.  This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme.  Realizing unlimited earning potential is completely attainable, but you have to work, and work hard for it.
  • Be CoachableThere is already a proven system in place, take advantage of it.
  • The Ability to Get Uncomfortable.  While the agency has created a time-tested process, the most successful agents are willing to be uncomfortable, to stretch for unrealistic goals.  And to do all they can to achieve them.
  • Tenacity.   Achieving your goals requires a mixture of persistence and determination.  One of the secrets to Brian’s success is creating “businesses within businesses” and while you have the ability to grow your own book of business, it takes a fair amount of tenacity to make it happen.
  • The Ability to Work on Commission.  While it’s great to enjoy the freedom of business ownership, one cannot fear a life of working on commission.

Again, this opportunity is, really, one of a kind, but it isn’t a get-rich-scheme.  It takes hard work. Anything else would be waste of time.  Just take a look at Brian and his agents – while they work hard, but play even harder.  From dream houses, to classic cars, to luxury vacations, one will be hard-pressed to find an agency of more successful individuals.

Interested?  We certainly hope so!  Fill out an application and a recruiting manager will be in touch with you shortly.

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Committed to Veterans

Having served our country for 10 years, Brian has an appreciation for the military work ethic and a vested interest in helping veterans acclimate to a new lifestyle.

Meet the Founder

Interested in hearing more? Feel free to reach out and meet the founder, Brian Obey.

Every month, there is a fun open house at Dave and Busters. Stop by, grab a bite to eat, have a bit of fun and see for yourself the team we have built.

We Succeed as a Team

Sometimes life feels like a mountain. We, at Team AMPM are like an extended family. We are here for you.

You can thank Brian’s military background, as he has the mindset that no one gets left behind.

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