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Why us?

Great question.

We believe that our name says it all; Always Making Positive Moves (AM | PM) 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.

Not only do we give it all we’ve got, we’ve also created a system that works… whether you have decades of selling Final Expense insurance or are just exploring new career options.

If you don’t have experience selling Final Expense, then welcome to what may be your last career opportunity!

We won’t pretend that selling Final Expense Insurance is easy work, but there are significant advantages to this industry. Final Expense Insurance helps families deal with funeral costs in their greatest time of need. As the leading provider of Final Expense Insurance, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company operates in 49 states and manages over 1 million policies in-force valued at more than $8 billion. The rate and benefit are locked in for the life of the policy for as long as premiums are paid and the cash benefits are dispersed within 24 hours once the claim is approved.

We, as an agency, recognize the hard work of our agents and pay accordingly. Not only do our agents get paid within 24 hours of an approved application, agents also have the opportunity to receive residual income on all active accounts. The legacy our agents build is predicated on this concept; the pay they enjoy is not on work that they are doing, but work that they have done.

If you have experience selling Final Expense, then you’ll appreciate hearing that we offer a few advantages as a dedicated agency of Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage®. Read Funeral Advantage reviews.

The first is easy qualification. With a one-page application process, there are no health exams necessary to qualify for the Funeral Advantage program – one just needs to answer a few health questions on the application. With a 98% approval rating almost everyone qualifies even if they’ve had past health issues.

If these benefits mean something to you then perhaps it’s time to consider working for one of the fastest growing insurance agencies in the nation; an agency that functions more as a tight-knit family than a corporation.



We’d love to have your part of our growing team!


Our agents enjoy exponential growth with residual income.




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Check out the top 5 reasons people join our team. And stay.

It’s natural to be anxious about taking the plunge. However, the question is not can you risk a career change. Instead, it is how can you afford to not make the switch? Here are a few reasons our team members joined AMPM and never looked back.


Not only are you paid when clients sign up, but you’ll also have the opportunity to make residual income. This is passive income paid on every active account you’ve signed. Join us and watch your income grow each month.


We have wildly successful agents. Lucky for you, their achievements are formed on a repeatable system. The foundation of that system is hard work and resilience.

Come with that mindset and we’ll teach you the rest.


This job comes with slumps and challenges. However, you’ll also have the unrivaled support of your team members. We regularly have fun get-togethers, share advice, and encourage one another.

You’d be hard pressed to find a closer-knit work family.


People can go their entire lives without doing something that makes their heart race. Our agents on the other hand, do work that matters.

As we help clients through their hardest days and they express their gratitude, your heart might just skip a beat.


With the freedom of being your own boss, the world becomes yours for the taking. You’ll become the keeper of time as you set your schedule.

As a bonus, the time you put in will be used to build your empire rather than line a CEO’s pockets.

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